Media A La Carte – Revolutionizing Social Media Marketing


Media A La Carte, a dynamic social media and digital marketing agency based in New York City, prides itself on “Making Social Media Social Again”. In an industry driven by constant evolution, Media A La Carte has carved out a niche by delivering personalized, effective social media strategies and digital solutions. Inshaal Sheikh was commissioned to redesign and develop their website to better reflect their innovative approach and industry leadership.


The project focused on several key objectives:

  • Deliver a custom, visually engaging website design that resonates with the creative and dynamic nature of the social media industry.
  • Ensure high responsiveness and mobile compatibility to accommodate the agency’s diverse clientele.
  • Implement cutting-edge SEO strategies to enhance organic search visibility and client acquisition.
  • Provide robust security measures and optimize website speed for an optimal user experience.

Strategy & Implementation

Several strategic initiatives were key to achieving the project goals:

  • WordPress and Elementor: These tools were chosen for their flexibility and ease of use, allowing for a scalable content management system that the client can easily update and maintain.
  • Figma for Web Design: Utilized to craft a bespoke website aesthetic that aligns with Media A La Carte’s vibrant brand personality.
  • Advanced Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, React, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery): Employed to create interactive elements and ensure seamless functionality across all platforms and devices.
  • SEO and Performance Optimization: Focused efforts were made to enhance the site’s visibility to search engines, coupled with speed optimization techniques to boost loading times.
  • Malware Protection and Site Security: Implemented to safeguard the website and its users from cyber threats, ensuring a secure browsing environment.


The redevelopment of Media A La Carte’s website resulted in several notable successes:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The new website has seen an increase in user interaction due to its improved navigation and responsive design.
  • Mobile Traffic Improvement: With a mobile-friendly design, the site now successfully accommodates a larger portion of users on smartphones and tablets, improving overall traffic and engagement.
  • SEO and Visibility: The site has achieved higher rankings in SERPs for targeted keywords, leading to increased organic traffic and potential client inquiries.
  • Security and Performance: Enhanced security protocols and optimized website performance have resulted in a reliable and fast user experience, critical for maintaining the agency’s professional reputation.


The collaboration between Inshaal Sheikh and Media A La Carte exemplifies a perfect synergy between cutting-edge web development and strategic digital marketing. The project not only enhanced the digital face of Media A La Carte but also reinforced its market position as a leader in innovative social media solutions.

Inshaal Sheikh remains a leader in Web Development Services in the USA, specializing in Custom Website Design, E-commerce Website Development, and SEO-friendly Web Development. Discover more about our transformative digital solutions at inshaalsheikh.com.

This case study showcases Inshaal Sheikh’s commitment to providing high-quality, tailored web development services that align with client-specific needs and industry demands, ensuring every project not only meets but exceeds expectations.

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