Revolutionizing Online Retail for House Of Vapes London


House Of Vapes London, established in 2014 as part of the Modern Health Group, has been a pioneer in the vaping industry, dedicated to offering an extensive range of premium vaping products. With an ambition to provide UK vapers with globally sourced, high-quality vaping essentials, they needed an e-commerce platform that could handle extensive product listings and provide an exceptional user experience. This is where Inshaal Sheikh’s expertise in web design and development came into play.


The primary goals for this project were to:

  • Develop a custom, scalable e-commerce website that reflects the brand’s premium positioning and international product range.
  • Enhance user engagement through a responsive and mobile-friendly design.
  • Implement SEO strategies to increase organic traffic and improve search engine rankings.
  • Ensure robust website security and efficient performance under high traffic conditions.

Strategy & Implementation

To meet these ambitious goals, Inshaal Sheikh employed a robust suite of tools and technologies:

  • WordPress Development & Elementor: These tools were used to build a flexible and user-friendly e-commerce platform that allows easy backend management and updates.
  • Figma for Web Design: This tool enabled the creation of a custom, visually appealing design tailored to the client’s branding requirements.
  • Advanced Web Technologies: A combination of HTML, CSS, React, PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery was used to ensure the site was responsive, fast, and accessible across all devices.
  • SEO and Speed Optimization: Key SEO practices were integrated from the ground up, focusing on speed optimization, mobile responsiveness, and content readability to boost search engine performance.
  • Malware Site Security: Security measures were implemented to protect the website and its users from potential cyber threats, ensuring a safe shopping experience.


The revamped House Of Vapes London website has achieved remarkable results:

  • Custom E-commerce Design that uniquely showcases over 500 e-liquid flavours and a vast range of vaping products, enhancing customer experience and brand perception.
  • Enhanced User Experience (UX) with a focus on responsive web design, ensuring that the site performs seamlessly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Increased Organic Traffic due to effective SEO-friendly web development, resulting in higher visibility and improved search engine rankings.
  • Robust Security protocols that have significantly minimized risks and secured customer transactions.


The collaboration between House Of Vapes London and Inshaal Sheikh has set a new benchmark in e-commerce for vaping products. Through meticulous planning, innovative design, and cutting-edge technology, this project not only enhanced the online presence of House Of Vapes but also positioned it as a leader in the competitive UK vaping market.

As a front-runner in Web Development Services UK and Ecommerce Solutions UK, Inshaal Sheikh continues to empower businesses like House Of Vapes London to thrive in the digital world.

Explore how Inshaal Sheikh’s expertise in Custom Website Design and Professional Web Development can transform your business online by visiting inshaalsheikh.com.

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