Amplified Credit – Transforming Online Financial Services


Amplified Credit, a pioneering financial services provider, offers streamlined online solutions for obtaining personal loans, credit cards, and exclusive memberships. With the tagline “AC – Amplify Your Credit,” the company is dedicated to empowering individuals to take proactive steps towards managing their financial health. Inshaal Sheikh was tasked with redesigning and developing their website to enhance user experience and functionality, aligning with the client’s mission to provide accessible financial services.


The primary objectives for the Amplified Credit website redevelopment included:

  • Crafting a custom, intuitive website design that communicates trust and professionalism.
  • Enhancing mobile responsiveness to cater to the increasing number of users accessing services via mobile devices.
  • Implementing robust SEO strategies to improve organic search rankings and visibility.
  • Ensuring high security and optimal website performance to handle sensitive financial data securely.

Strategy & Implementation

The following strategies were implemented to meet the project’s objectives effectively:

  • WordPress and Elementor: Utilized for their robust, flexible content management capabilities, allowing easy updates and maintenance.
  • Figma for Web Design: Employed to create a bespoke design that reflects the brand’s identity and appeals to a broad audience.
  • Advanced Technologies (HTML, CSS, React, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery): Integrated to ensure a seamless, engaging user interface and reliable site functionality.
  • SEO Optimization and Speed Enhancement: Focused on elevating the site’s presence in search engines while providing a fast-loading experience.
  • Malware Protection and Enhanced Security: Critical for protecting client data and building trust with users by ensuring a secure online environment.


The website redevelopment for Amplified Credit resulted in significant improvements:

  • User Experience Enhancement: The new, intuitive interface has significantly improved navigation and accessibility, leading to higher user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Increased Mobile Traffic: Responsive design optimizations have resulted in a substantial increase in mobile users and longer engagement times.
  • SEO and Visibility Boost: Enhanced SEO strategies have propelled the website to higher search engine rankings for targeted keywords, increasing organic traffic.
  • Security and Performance: Upgraded security measures and optimized website performance ensure a safe and smooth user experience, critical for financial service websites.


The collaboration between Inshaal Sheikh and Amplified Credit demonstrates the power of strategic web design and development in enhancing online financial services. This project not only revamped the digital presence of Amplified Credit but also set a new standard in user-centric financial web solutions.

Inshaal Sheikh continues to lead in Web Development Services in the USA, specializing in Custom Website Design, E-commerce Website Development, and SEO-friendly Web Development. Explore more about our innovative solutions at inshaalsheikh.com.


This case study highlights Inshaal Sheikh’s expertise in delivering tailored web solutions that align with client goals and industry standards, ensuring each project not only meets but surpasses client expectations.

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